MinervaDB Athena 2020

Friday, 11 December 2020 (09:00 AM PST to 07:00 PM PST)

Open Source WebScale Database Systems Infrastructure Operations Virtual Conference
hosted by MinervaDB Inc.

« Building Database Infrastructure for Performance, Scalability and Reliability »

This is an Open Source Database Systems Virtual Conference hosted by MinervaDB Inc. (https://minervadb.com) addressing Performance, Scalability, High Availability and Database SRE for building  planet-scale internet applications. All keynotes and sessions will be recorded. Session recordings will be available in the MinervaDB YouTube channel. The objective of this program is purely knowledge sharing, networking and community development. This is totally a community focussed event for Database Architects / DBAs / Database Engineers / Database SREs, Production Engineers / DevOps Professionals / Systems Operations Team, Platform / Systems Architects / Engineers and Technology Architects / CTOs / Board Members / CEOs / Business Owners / Investors.  The virtual summits are a collection of free virtual events that features new technologies keynotes, production operations experience from though leaders, best practices and customer success stories. Our speakers will demonstrate how organizations can build Database Infrastructure  by rethinking every aspect of the business and applying automation for business excellence. You can download MinervaDB Athena 2020 flyer here

⊗ Speakers for MinervaDB Athena 2020

Speaker NameTopic
Shiv IyerBuilding Database Infrastructure for Performance and Reliability and Database SRE Tools & Tricks
Anandamoy RoychowdharyRole of Venture Capital Companies in building Database Systems Companies
Valerii KravchukDynamic Tracing for Finding and Solving MySQL Performance Problems on Linux
Peter ZaitsevMySQL 8 Observability
Karthik.P.RMySQL Shell for Database Engineers
Rene CannaoProxySQL Talks
Tanel PoderProfiling Linux Operations for Performance and Troubleshooting
Federico RazzoliMariaDB, MySQL and Ansible: automating database infrastructures
Krunal BauskarGrowing Open Source Database Systems ecosystem on ARM
Jean-Francois GagneDemystifying MySQL Replication Crash Safety
Colin CharlesWebScale Database Infrastructure Operations with Galera Cluster 4

⊗  Topics – Vendor neutral and independent technology conference

⊗ How to Register for MinervaDB Athena 2020

MinervaDB is excited to announce an full-stack Open Source Database Systems Conference – MinervaDB Open Source Database Infrastructure Operations Virtual Conference 2020 focussing on MySQL, MariaDB, MyRocks, PostgreSQL, ClickHouse, NoSQL, Columnar Stores, Big Data, SRE and DevOps. addressing performance, scalability and reliability. This is a free virtual conference (hosted on GoToWebinar) and so you don’t have to plan any travels or leave your family / friends during this global pandemic. This conference is scheduled for Friday, 11 December 2020 (09:00 AM PST to 07:00 PM PST) and you can register (100% free) for the conference here. If you are interested to be on MinervaDB Database Infrastructure Operations Virtual Conference 2020 conference committee , Please contact our Founder and Principal Shiv Iyer directly – shiv@minervadb.com and for event sponsorship / advertisements please contact sponsorship@minervadb.com and you can also download MinervaDB Athena 2020 sponsorship flyer here


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